Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sweet Thought

"If at the beginning and end of our lives we depend upon others' kindness, why then in the middle should we not act kindly to others ?"

Dalai Lama

Currently listening to "City of Angels" soundtrack. Next up is some reggae with "International Farmer".

New Bike

I am definitely leaning towards putting my repair money towards a new bike. Will speak to the bike shop mechanic today and decide. I am thinking another Norco commuter bike.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Old Bike / New Bike

My Norco 21 speed bike is 15 years old now. I had taken it out for a ride (albeit a 1/2 block only) a while back and noticed that the nut had mysterious dissappeared off the back wheel, which holds the tire in place ! I was very lucky I didn't get into a serious wipe out. Which just goes to prove one thing - MAKE SURE TO CHECK ALL SCREWS,BOLTS,& BRAKES ETC. BEFORE YOU GO ON YOUR RIDE. Well that halted all bike rides for a while. One would think it would be easy to find another nut for the wheel pin, but noooo it has been a big challenge. I have been to several bike stores and the nuts they give me don't thread onto the pin or bolt (whatever that thing is called)it just stops threading. Seems like the pin might have to be replaced. That whole thing might cost me 35.00 to fix it, plus 60.00 for a tune up, plus new cables and inner tubes for a grand total of over 100.00 dollars. Which begs the question, do I just put that money towards a brand new bike and forget the tune up ? I don't need a super expensive fancy mountain bike, just something to commute to work on. I am really thinking that I might just put it toward a new bike.

Friday, March 24, 2006


Ah yeah tgif day. A few of us from work went to have a few drinks and play pool this afternoon. I had my heart set on a Stella Artois, but they didn't have any and offered me a Becks instead. It actually wasn't too bad. Very very crisp. I think Stella is a bit smoother and I wish they had it there. Oh well, another time. It was hailing outside this afternoon. Huge chunks of hail, and snowing up on the mountains an hour and a half away. Pretty good for late March !! Skiing has been pretty good lately. Tons of snow on our local mountains.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thoughts and Observations

Hi, well it's Thursday already. One more day to go till the weekend. Then it's staff appreciation afternoon at the pub, with drinks and games of pool. YAY !!!

Last night when I was out walking my dog, I saw another dog owner walking his dog, but his dog decided to bolt out into traffic (almost). Dog was still on his leash thank goodness. The dog was inches from being hit by a car, and his owner quickly pulled him back in. That has got to be the scariest feeling. Thing was, the owner was wearing dark clothes and the dog was dark brown and it was on a dark rainy night too.

Today I went to get more of those little doggie waste disposal bags at a pet store. There was a tiny little miniature pinscher who came to the door to greet me. He was only 4 months old. The store clerk said his name was Mikah. She had decided not to get Mikah's ears done. (The procedure where they get the ears to stay standing straight up) Mikah was the cutest most fearless door attendant I have ever met.


Avocadoes are so tasty and it's comforting to know that they are part of the great "super food group" list. See for lots of optimum health related articles and tips.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Van Morrison

CD Title: Pay the Devil (2006)

Pure Hank Williams, very different style for Van. The whole CD is very country sounding. A little more variation in his style would of been better. I preferred "Magic Time" better than this one.


CD Title: Confessions on a Dance Floor (2006)

Didn't like this CD at first, but it's grown on me. It's different the whole way through. Layered sounds. The last few songs are quite interesting. Now I love this CD.